The Price of Perfection

The wedding day.  It’s been dreamed of for months, possibly years.  Brides and grooms have very clear ideas of how they want it to be and they want the day to be perfect for them.  Most understand that some things may not go to plan – you can’t guarantee the weather! – but they’ll prepare as much as possible to ensure it’s 99% spot on. 

As a specialist wedding dress seamstress, I feel privileged to be involved!  I feel the excitement from the brides-to-be that I meet and it’s infectious!  I want the bride to look beautiful on her big day and I will do everything I can to make that happen.  

Achieving perfection needs to be factored into the budget and here’s why.

The Bride

There was quite a debate on one of the Facebook groups that I’m a member of recently, sparked by a bride being unhappy about the price she was quoted for a bridal alteration.  The alteration was going to impact her wedding budget and she was rather concerned and angry that she hadn’t known about these costs ahead of time. 

All too often professionals in the wedding industry come under fire for supposedly adding a ‘wedding tax’ (for want of a better term) to a standard pricing structure.  I’m not an expert in all the industries that support a wedding day and how they price, but I do know a great deal about wedding dresses and I’d like to explain a little more about how we, or at least, I price, and why.

The Bridal gown technician 

As I’ve said, your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days in your life.  Full stop.  Your wedding day dream is for the best of everything and you want to make that a reality.  Bridal seamstresses, like me, then, have a duty to provide an excellent service, working to high standards and the very best of our ability.  

Here are some reasons why wedding dress alterations are likely to cost more than alterations to other garments:

  • I am definitely going to invest more time on a wedding dress, not just physically altering it but also mentally working through the design requests and changes needed.  It’s my customer’s special day and I want it to be as perfect as possible.
  • I will spend more time with the bride in front of the mirror – the dress has to feel ‘right’.  The bride will be in the dress for several hours so if it feels uncomfortable or there’s something about the dress design or decoration that niggles then it will niggle on the day.  She has to look amazing and feel fantastic.  Plus, the bride needs to enjoy the whole wedding preparation experience which includes standing in front a mirror and being cooed over by mum and bridesmaids.
  • It’s a bride’s prerogative to change her mind – I have to factor that in.
  • I may have to travel for specialist threads, fabric, beading etc.
  • And lastly, you will have chosen me because of my qualifications and vast experience.  I’m going to make sure that a dress you bought ‘off the peg’ that doesn’t fit you perfectly, looks a million dollars on the day.   I’m a specialist in this field and so my time comes at a premium. 

How to avoid surprises

So, whilst it is important to be conscious of your budget and not completely blow it on every wedding related purchase, it’s also important to be aware that you’re likely to need alterations and  the average alteration cost.  Obtain a few quotes or compare a few websites before starting the journey with a bridal seamstress. 

Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean bad, but my experience, professionalism and expertise come at a price that I firmly believe are worth paying for. 

We, as industry professionals, have a passion for perfection.